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You are starting a new business in British Columbia and you have 20 employees and 15 different positions to run the opreation - Research Paper Example

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Rozalo health spa and salon is set to be the premier outlet in Princeton metropolis of British Columbia by offering cutting edge products and services to customers through a team of qualified and dedicated staff. Rozalo health spa will establish itself as a joint that provides…
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You are starting a new business in British Columbia and you have 20 employees and 15 different positions to run the opreation
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Extract of sample "You are starting a new business in British Columbia and you have 20 employees and 15 different positions to run the opreation"

Download file to see previous pages The metropolis has a business enabling environment and is often frequented by visitors all year round thus, a good business destination. Since this nature of business is more of a luxury, Princeton was ideal since most of its inhabitants are affluent according to a research conducted by Forbes in 2011. That notwithstanding, the town is a major tourist destination along the Canadian coastline hence likely to be frequented by foreigners who may be likely to be interested with the services that we offer (Sims, 2007).
The competitive edge of Rozalo health spa and salon is centred among the following; team of dedicated staff, services that we offer, our strategic location and finally our client centred business strategy. The twenty highly qualified men and women who form the workforce for Rozalo health spa have the pre-requisite skills and expertise to perform their duties effectively to guarantee high degree of customer satisfaction, thus branding our firm as a premier outlet in giving quality and distinguished services in Princeton. The services that we offer are also another element in our competitive edge, after conducting a dull feasibility study in Princeton and its environs we realized all the existing health spas in the area literally offered similar services with minimal specialization. Having identified that market niche our firm decided to venture into a few specialized services which would be customer made to fit individual client needs and preferences. Thus, any customer visiting our premises will leave clients satisfied that all their expectations have been accomplished. That notwithstanding our business premise is strategical with proximity to beach hotels hence providing easy access to clients on vacation to pop in for specialized services while they are relaxing. Finally, the business strategy of Rozalo health spa as a firm is client centred. This means all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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