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My Organization at a Glance - Research Paper Example

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McDonald’s Corporation at a Glance Name: University: McDonald’s Corporation at a Glance Introduction Organizations exist for different needs and purposes. Both profit and not-for profit organizations have missions, goals and objectives for which they are set to accomplish…
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My Organization at a Glance
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Download file to see previous pages The results of the analysis provide an organization’s management team with the basics of maintaining optimum management practices. Strategic management helps the management attain better alignment of corporate policies and strategic priorities (George & Bock, 2011). This discussion is an examination of the McDonald’s corporation organizational analysis, environmental analysis as well strategic issues and recommendations how to build the organization’s competitive advantages. Organizational Analysis McDonald’s is a fast food corporation that operates in the restaurant industry. The corporation is among the oldest fast food outlet in America with a global presence. McDonald’s corporation was established in 1937 by Patrick McDonald in California. Strengths Technology. McDonald’s corporation is technology sensitive. The corporation is at the forefront of modern technology among fast food retailers (Pearson Education, Inc, 2011). For illustration, the corporation has put in place a cellular technology to allow customers to place their orders online. The corporation has also installed Internet access terminals and Wi-Fi to enhance customers to order online and eventually lessen the lag time involved between ordering time and pick up time. Experienced Market Leaders. In terms of global reach and biggest player, McDonald’s is always conquering markets from its competitors. Due to its immense presence, McDonald’s corporation is able to operate at economies of scale (Mohammed, 2009). The corporation sells its products at relatively low prices attracting more customers due to its cost leadership. In addition to being the largest fast food retailer, the corporation is experienced and understands the market fairly well. Strong Brand Name, Image and Reputation. McDonald’s has strong brand equity, and its image is globally renowned. The corporation image is among the top ten most powerful brand names in the globe. This has a positive impact on the corporation’s sales and share price (Mohammed, 2009). The brand equity is valued around $40 million, and this reputation makes McDonald’s a household name. Special Training for the Managerial Staff. McDonald’s corporation has a training program for its managerial and other employees in a bid to reduce turnover rates and enhance quality. The Hamburger University is an in-house program for specifically training McDonald’s managerial staff (Mohammed, 2009). The trained managers help to run the company towards its growth objectives. Positive and Influential CSR. McDonald’s corporation operates Ronald McDonald’s houses that offer accommodation, food, and child support for needy families requiring extensive hospital care. This corporate philanthropy enhances the corporation’s image further. The corporation also has a golden archway logo and Ronald McDonald clown that is globally acknowledgeable (McDonald’s Corporation, 2012). Weaknesses Unhealthy Food Image. Although McDonald’s corporation is globally renowned, the corporation has several weaknesses. One of the weaknesses that the corporation grapples with is the aspect of unhealthy food image (Pearson Education, Inc, 2011). The verity that McDonald’s offers fast food has resulted in uproar that the foods are responsible for increased obesity rates among children in the United States. High Employee Turnover/Training Costs. McDonald’s corporation also faces high employee turnover rates. The corporation is cited ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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