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As Deb (2009) indicates, the provision of feedback to the employees frequently helps in performance appraisal. In the event that the…
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Improving the value of the performance appraisal system
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Improving the value of the performance appraisal system Improving the value of the performance appraisal system The HR generalist could suggest various actions that would help support the managers improve the worth of the performance appraisal system. As Deb (2009) indicates, the provision of feedback to the employees frequently helps in performance appraisal. In the event that the employees get regular feedback, they are able to express the issues at hand and the managers can also sort problems before they go out of hand. Secondly, discussions in the work setting play a role in improving performance appraisals (Deb, 2009). The HR can help the managers discuss issues with the employees not as a manager, but as an employee. This motivates creative and positive discussion in the workplace.
Additionally, using an appraisal for each employee plays a major role in the managers attempt to improve performance appraisals (Deb, 2009). This means that the manager will assess the ability and performance of all employees as per their capacity as opposed to having a general format that all employees use. This move will create a focus-driven discussion that will allow the manager discuss issues based on an individual.
Lastly, empowering the employees will lead to an improved performance appraisal (Deb, 2009). This refers to the managers helping the employees set meaningful goals and plan well on how to implement the same. The employees will also feel that the manager trusts them and most will commit to fulfilling the set goals. If the employees set the goals well, and achieve them in the end, it means the performance appraisal is successful (Deb, 2009).
Deb, T. (2009). Performance Appraisal And Management. New Delhi: Excel Books India. Read More
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