The Passage of the FMLA - Coursework Example

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The act allows the workers a job protected leave under some circumstances like illness and childbirth. An employer does not pay for the leave; however, he is supposed to continue the health insurance. The leave allows up to…
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The Passage of the FMLA
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The Passage of the FMLA The new family and medical leave act passed into law. The act allows the workers a job protected leave under some circumstances like illness and childbirth. An employer does not pay for the leave; however, he is supposed to continue the health insurance. The leave allows up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for the workers. The leave covers all workers who have been working for one year in any organization (Squire, 2010).
Many things have changed after passing the family and medical leave act into law. The act has positive impact on the workers lives. Even though the leave is not paid, it gives the workers job protection when they are not in a position to work. Prior to the family and medical leave act if a worker needed time off to give birth and take care of a newborn, she would be risking losing her job. However after the family and medical leave act a worker gains full protection to keep her job during delivery and the first few weeks of taking care of the new born. Another example is a case of a worker getting a heart attack and needed time to heal before getting back to work. The worker had no guarantee that he or she would not face sacking but with the new law, workers have a guarantee to keep their job in such cases. In addition, during this period the employer has to provide health insurance since the worker is taking time off to recover or take care of health of a family member (Squire, 2012).
Squire, M. (2010). FMLA Boot Camp: Regulatory and Case Law Developments Under The
Family And Medical Leave Act. Labor Law Journal, 61(1), 37-51.
Squire, M. (2012). Family and Medical Leave Act Potpourri: Proposed Rules and Recent Case
Law. Employee Relations Law Journal, 38(2), 3-35. Read More
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