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Design a Pay for Performance Incentive Awards Program - Assignment Example

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Money is among the primary reasons that compel people to work. As such, with effective management remuneration is the most cost effective way of motivating employees thus enhancing productivity in…
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Design a Pay for Performance Incentive Awards Program
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Download file to see previous pages program that will run for five years within the organization seeks to maximize productivity besides developing an appropriate mindset among the employees. This way, the program is not only a short-term project but also a long-term motivational project.
As discussed, the program will incorporate all the employees within the company including the top-level managers to the junior employees. In order to implement the program appropriately, the implementation will therefore vary depending on the employees. Just as the title suggests, the program seeks to reward productivity. Each level of employee has specific goals that the program will strive to achieve. In the top-level management for example, the program seeks to enhance creativity, intuition and management prowess. In middle level management, the program seeks to enhance both obedience and problem solving skills while in the junior employees of the organization the program seeks to enhance both competition and hard work. This way, the program enhances the overall productivity of the entire organization.
Preliminarily, the program will ensure that all the employees within the organization are capable of undertaking their different roles. This complements the objective of the program since it seeks to reward productivity. The employees must therefore meet the qualifications set for their different roles a feature that ensures that they are capable of undertaking their roles within the organization. Furthermore, qualifications ensure that the employees are capable of meeting the obligations of their respective positions besides enhancing the ease of management. Top-level management must have appropriate qualifications. Managers make decisions daily operations within the organization through the formulation and implementation of policies. As such, they must have both the appropriate education and professional training to enable them make such appropriate decisions. The performance reward program will acknowledge the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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