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There are several theories that have evolved and have attempted to demystify violence within the home setting. One of the theories of family violence is the culture of violence. This theory holds that in larger and more…
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Unit 5 Discussion Domestic Violence
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Human Resources Number Introduction The topic of choice is theories of family violence. There are several theories that have evolved and have attempted to demystify violence within the home setting. One of the theories of family violence is the culture of violence. This theory holds that in larger and more pluralistic societies, subcultures acquire strategies and norms which tolerate physical violence, compared to dominant culture. In light of this, family violence may frequent societies that are broken down or built on peer-relations than peaceful or cohesive ones.
There is the social learning theory which states that contextual and situational factors such as stress, individual-couple characteristics, aggressive gait and family violence aid family violence. Biopsychological theory ties together biological factors such as alcoholism and testosterone levels and psychosocial factors such as stress to understand family violence. There is also the feminist theory which asserts that family violence is a culmination and manifestation of the degradation of women.
How the Chosen Items Tie Into a Review of the Course Thus Far
The chosen topic is important in the course because it helps organisations and those in the human resources management (HRM) to regard comprehensively, the magnitude of family violence. The same will also help organisations and HRM to appreciate the limits which they must keep to as they attempt to mitigate the effects of family violence at the workplace. Just as Gosselin (2009) observes, when an organisation fails to determine boundaries in its quest to alleviate the effects of domestic violence as a way of promoting employee welfare, it oversteps its mandate and runs the risk of unduly heightening its operational costs.
Gosselin, D. K. (2009). Heavy Hands: An Introduction to the Crimes of Family Violence. New York: Pearson/ Prentice Hall. Read More
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