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It is however at a loss on which method it should employ in hiring the best possible employee. It receives more than 100,000 job applications per month and…
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Teacher How Google Choses Employees Introduction Google is one of the fastest growing companies and has to hire the best possible candidates to fill out its vacancies. It is however at a loss on which method it should employ in hiring the best possible employee. It receives more than 100,000 job applications per month and only has to fill 200 positions a week.
Problem Statement
What is/are the best hiring criteria for Google?
Solution 1
Rely on quantitative indicators such as grades and academic success to narrow the pool of applicants to a manageable level. This is measurable and indicates technical expertise which is highly utilized at Google. It also tells that a candidate is hardworking and has high intellectual quotient.
Solution 2
Use quantitative criteria in hiring a candidate. This will be tailored fit according to the position being applied for by the candidate. Quantitative approach measures the creativity of candidates. Creativity is essential for innovation and finding ideal solution which Google is known at.
Experience showed that academic performance was not the best predictor of success at Google. Quantitative measurements alone does not also tell a candidates technical competency which is essential at Google.
The best approach is a combination of the two solutions. First, use quantitative indicators just to narrow down candidates. In choosing the final candidate that will fill up the positions, tailored fit qualitative criteria for the position must be utilized to determine the best candidate for the job. This way, Google will have a technically competent as well as a creative and innovative employee. Read More
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