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Analysis of an International Organization - Research Paper Example

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It was previously owned by Boeing international, world’s largest airline manufacturer and has set grounds in many of the major citeies of the world. Its headquarters are situated in Chicago,…
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Analysis of an International Organization
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Download file to see previous pages For airlines, it is necessary to have a strong team of professional enthusiastic individuals to make the business a success. Like every business in the service sector, airlines too require their workforce to be internally satisfied so that this behavior of theirs is reflected in their behavior with the customers.
If one looks up ‘HR challenges faced by United Airlines’ online, every search engine gives an array of links that discuss the failing, almost embarrassing, situation of the airlines. Since its merger, it has faced a number of problems that range from operational inefficiency to lack of HR training. In the world of today, where options at hand are plenty and the organizations need to stand out through effective strategies and customer orientation, this is not a good business scenario.
For every service business, the customer touch point is an essential deal maker or breaker. The moment a customer interacts with an employee representing the service organization, he gets a taste of the organizational culture and sets a service expectation standard. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of such organizations. The major HR problems faced by United Airlines are as follows:
-Lack of a strong organizational culture after the merger: After United Airlines made the acquisition of Continental Airlines, there was a lack of effort on the management’s side to unify the workforce so that there is a uniform sense of dedication towards the ‘United’ brand ( Even though efforts were made to gather the best talents from both the sides of the merger, the company still faces issues with bringing all its employees to term with their merger.
-Lack of employee training programs: the employees are not trained to be customer oriented which reflects in their service levels. Their focus is on getting their work done and not making sure that the customers are made to feel genuinely valued and cared for. This is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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