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Based on the results of the Time Management and Goals Setting skills tests, the overall score was 50; which is indicative of one’s ability to manage time very effectively. As disclosed, despite the high score, one needs to focus on efforts and techniques which would assist in…
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Identify time management techniques
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Time Management Techniques al Affiliation Time Management Techniques Based on the results of the Time Management and Goals Setting skills tests, the overall score was 50; which is indicative of one’s ability to manage time very effectively. As disclosed, despite the high score, one needs to focus on efforts and techniques which would assist in developing goal setting skills. One’s score under goal setting is 13 out of 20 or 65%. The proposed techniques included explicitly writing and accurately detailing the goals that need to be accomplished. Likewise, there are more positive ways of stating how goals should be set to provide a more optimistic stance at earmarking for their attainment. In addition, one needs to incorporate a motivational factors within the goal setting activity that would enable the generation of a rewards for fulfilling or accomplishing the goals that were set within the identified time frame. One affirms that by looking forward to availing of a benefit or reward, the achievement of goals are facilitated since one’s focus would be re-directed to the positive outcome, and not on the challenges that could be encountered on the way to attaining the identified goal.
Another important aspect of goal setting and time management is learning the skill of prioritization. One’s score in this area is 24 out of 35 or 69%. Given a set of activities or endeavors, one must be able to identify and classify the tasks according to urgency: which needs to be done within the shortest possible time frame. As such, making a list of the activities for the day, or for the week, would assist in developing prioritization skills. Likewise, one must also recognize which tasks are more tedious and comprehensively encompassing in details. If there are endeavors that require much preparation and planning, the strategies for prioritization should include accurately identifying tasks in minute details, or broken down into sub-tasks, so that one would not perceive the activity as burdensome in holistic form. In addition, tasks that entail prior research, collection of data, or extensive studying could be scheduled intermittently, as one’s spare time would allow.
The third relevant aspect in time management is managing interruptions. The score generated in this area is 12 out of 20 or 60%. It could be deduced that there are more rooms for improvement in this aspect. One must be able to discern which types of interruptions prevent me from completing scheduled tasks or responsibilities in an effective manner according to prescribed time frame. The interruptions in one’s daily routine could include phone calls, reading text message, browsing or navigating through the Internet, attending social activities with friends, or accepting unscheduled invitations to go out on a date or a social event. Thus, when there are urgent tasks, one must be able to minimize these interruptions or distractions to enable the completion of the activities or goals that were explicitly set.
In addition, there is the aspect of procrastination that needs to be addressed. One’s score in the aspect is 60% and therefore, there is also ample room for improvement. Just like in evaluating the causes of interruptions, one should be able to determine the causes of putting things off until a later date or schedule. By following the strategy of incorporating reward systems, one would be encouraged to finish tasks within the stipulated schedule.
Finally, under scheduling, one’s score was 10 out of 15 or 67%. This could be closely linked to prioritization, as one would develop skills in scheduling depending on the assessment of urgency of the tasks.
Overall, one learned a lot from the time management skills and goal setting skills tests that provided a more detailed illustration of personal abilities in these relevant aspects. Despite the high scores, one realized that there are rooms for improvement, especially in goal setting, prioritization, managing interruptions, addressing procrastination and scheduling, as expounded. Read More
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Identify Time Management Techniques Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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