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Skills gapping is concept that loosely refers to the gap that exists between the skills possessed by the employees in the organization and the skills they need in order for them to perform various tasks in their workplace (Bracken, & Rose, 2011). Basically, this concept is very…
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Skills gapping is concept that loosely refers to the gap that exists between the skills possessed by the employees in the organization and the skillsthey need in order for them to perform various tasks in their workplace (Bracken, & Rose, 2011). Basically, this concept is very important to the operations of any organization that is concerned about its success in the long run. Skilled employees in the company are critical since they determine its success. Through the efforts of skilled workers, productivity in the company also increases. This concept can be applied can be applied in the health setting or any other organization as discussed below.
The concept of skills gaping is also important in the organization in that it helps the management to identify the tasks that require a variety of skills. Skill variety is known as the degree to which the job involves many different work activities or requires several skills and talents (Jackson & Schuler, 2000). The management may be in a position to fine tune the skills of the employees in order to improve their competencies. This also helps the management to identify the gap in the required skills among the employees that may need to be filled. On the other hand, this process also helps the management to recruit the right people with the right skills for certain tasks in the organization. The performance of the organization as a whole is improved if the workers have the requisite skills to perform a variety of tasks.
During my course of work, I have seen this process used. I worked in the marketing department during my previous employment and I have realised that there are a number of skills required by different people in order for them to perform different work tasks. For instance, people with good verbal communication skills were assigned tasks that mainly dealt with customer issues. These people would deal directly with the customers and other stakeholders. On the other hand, people who had good technical skills such as computer knowledge were given tasks such as customer database maintenance and management. These people were also responsible for computing data obtained from online marketing research carried in the company.
In order to apply this process in the work environment, it is important to identify the skills possessed by the employees and the skills needed to perform different tasks in the organization. This helps the responsible authorities to assign people with the right skills to perform certain tasks in the organisation. This also helps to minimise the chances of employees crossing functional lines in the company. This also helps the organization to hire the right people in the organization who have the right skills and talents to perform a variety of tasks. To a larger extent, it can be noted that this process is very important since it determines the success or failure of the organization in its operations. Skilled workers are often in short supply hence this process helps the organization to recruit the right people who can later be trained and developed so that they can improve their skills.
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