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Southern Company - Essay Example

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Talent management is an integrated process that involves attracting, developing and retaining talent in order to improve performance of the organization. Most organizations do not give adequate importance to the process of talent management due to the cost involved and lack of…
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Southern Company
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Download file to see previous pages Employees at various organizational levels are required to take important strategic decisions regarding their work. Unless employees have the right skills, knowledge and the acumen of taking correct and timely decisions for meeting their job responsibilities, organizations will not be able perform efficiently (Sharif, 2002).
Some of the important aspects of talent management considered by strategic leaders of Southern Company are recruitment, selection and training of employees, placement, training and development program implementation, mentoring and leadership development.
Since talent management and development requires investment of time, money and skills, most organizational leaders are seen to give low importance towards this aspect. Company’s selection and recruitment processes lack efficiency as a result of which employee turnover is seen to be high. Also, when candidates are not mapped suitably, they get placed in jobs without adequate talent match. This leads to ineffective performance and lack of dedication.
It is also significantly important that organizational leaders develop training programs in order to enhance skills of the employees. Work conditions requirements are never constant. They keep changing along with the changing needs of business and the economy. Technological innovations also affect the manner in which work is performed within an organization. Due to such aspects, it becomes necessary that organizations impart training to their employees, so that their level of skill is enhanced and they can easily adapt with changing requirements of the business. These aspects must be deeply be considered by strategic leaders of the organization, who should develop suitable measures accordingly (Ashton & Morton, 2005).
Objective metrics- This process involves collection of data regarding talent requirements present within the firm. For this, the firm must ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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