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Actually, the human resource department is an independent body in the premise that makes decisions that touch the way of running the activities of the…
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Action Planning
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ACTION PLANNING By Location Action Planning Introduction The human resource department rests vital in the concept of planning and making viable decisions that affect the entities. Actually, the human resource department is an independent body in the premise that makes decisions that touch the way of running the activities of the entity by the staff. It is evident that from the giant organisations that have excelled across the globe has a very strong mechanism of action planning initiated by the human resource team (Jackson, Schuler, and Werner 2011, p. 40). However, it entails the success and the ability of an entity to succeed is taking the right team at the correct time, to make effective decisions and reach the desired goals. However, there is a specific mechanism of approaching each action to reach the desired goals.
The inclusion of actions will interfere with customer service, retention and acquisition. However, it is advisable for human resource managers to establish a social network with more colleges to discuss on similar ideas and generate remedies that do not drag the success of an entity. The process of action planning is very sensitive in the operation of an organisation where the human resource shall compare and contrast the effect of taking certain action as discussed in the goals realised in the study which are going to enhance our business growth below (Kumar 2011, p. 20).
Improvement of Training and Reduction of Recruitment Cycling
The process of enhancing, an action in an organisation to influence any goal of the entity the human resource will cater for several questions, for instance, what is the cost of expenditure. Do we have the right person to recruit? In addition, is it the right time to initiate the action? In the case of improving the staff body, it involves regulating g of the personnel working within a certain period in an entity that is mostly done through head count to ensure that the correct role is being done for the right cost. Critically, the human resource should come up with procedures of prospecting managers who fit the activities run by an entity and high quality interviews for the staff to get the right people. However, in the performance of these activities the human resource will be in a position to reach these goals. However, these actions cannot be enhanced and made by an individual, but it will need a mentor to provide advice to the HR office (Caruth, Caruth, and Pane 2009, p.30).
Administration of Services Rendered by Employees
The goal deserves attention in increasing the customers tally and calls for a distinct customer service that stands as the differentiating factor with other organisations trading on the same commodity. However, for the HR office to reach this goal certain actions must be analysed in order to affect the goal, which involves seeking for a first class staff body with the specified skills and knowledge. The approach will make the efficiency of customer service and through a well-organised workflow where every staff should be allocated were to play their role of the HR office. Finally, the HR office should establish a procedure on how to pass information to staff to enable them play the role allocated, which will enhance customer increment (Deb 2009, p. 51).
Relationship of Employees, Employers and Engagement
The HR office shall establish a social favourable network with the personnel to ensure that every staff is satisfied with the role entitled to him. The HR office shall come up with ideas of enhanced trade unions by interviewing its mode of communication and involvement of trade unions into the affairs of the staff. The criterion will ensure that the grievances of the personnel reach the office through the trade unions, creating a peaceful environment for running the entity (Dwivedi 2010, p.20). It will create an employee relationship with the bosses and engagement to the activities of the organisation. It will be done through improving trade unions in the organisation.
Analytically, action planning is the basic concept towards acquisition of all the goals of the HR office, which can only be realised through the performance of the particular actions initiated by the HR department (Nkomo, Fottler, and McAfee 2011, p.45). However, action planning evaluates the correct ideas and methodologies that can be applied by the HR office to achieve success of the organisation through good customer experience, employment and finally the relation of the staff and the employees creating a good platform for running a business.
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