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What may be the 'Best Practices' so far as Action Planning is concerned - Assignment Example

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There are many types of action plans based on different features which seek to enhance the reputation of an organization. These plans help to accomplish important goals.
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What may be the Best Practices so far as Action Planning is concerned
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"What may be the 'Best Practices' so far as Action Planning is concerned"

Download file to see previous pages Non-discriminatory policies increase the rate of work commitment (Australian Human Rights Commission 2014).
Delivering real value to customers helps them realize that they are valued by the provider of services which increase customer loyalty. The more customer loyalty there is, the higher competitive edge is achieved by an organization over rival companies. This is why making wise investments in this area is highly valuable making it one of the best practices of an action plan (Bradt, Check & Pedraza 2011).
Employers and employees should continually strive to enhance their organization’s image. This helps the people realize that focus is not only concentrated on maximizing profit. Rather, the organization is conscientious enough to protect its reputation also (Nagy & Fawcett 2013). Customers have more confidence in those companies which have a very healthy image compared to those which have cracks in their images.
Australian Human Rights Commission 2014, Developing an effective Action Plan, viewed, 07 June 2014,
Nagy, J & Fawcett, SB 2013, Proclaiming Your Dream: Developing Vision and Mission Statements, viewed, 07 June 2014, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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