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In my career a major shift and change came about when the company “X.Y.Z” specializing in the Information technology equipment and solutions providers decided to go global. Being the Manager operations and directly associated with the vendor dealing, I was assigned the task…
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5 TD OBM Resistance to Change
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In my career a major shift and change came about when the company “X.Y.Z” specializing in the Information technology equipment and solutions providers decided to go global. Being the Manager operations and directly associated with the vendor dealing, I was assigned the task of monitoring and administrating over the new department that would be established in a different country. This scenario came about as a challenge and an opportunity for me. Since I was not the top boss, I therefore had to coordinate with my colleague and other members who were sub ordinate to me. The challenge was based on the difference in the cultural patterns. The country where the site and office was installed, English was not the First Language and the locals there had difficulties comprehending English for communication and professional purposes. Other obstacles that were faced included the new environment, new trends, new culture and new people surrounded.
The overall environment was such that the entire project had to be started from scratch. It was a new challenge with new goals, obstacles and objectives. We as the organization had to win the hearts of the people, and satisfy the government in terms of the local labor relationship and other basic elements. The initial resistance was due to the fear and lack of experience in the different countries.
If I were the C.E.O I would take upon the technological change in an incremental manner. I would introduce trainings and other official programs. A step wise transition and transfer from currently established setup to new technology would be phased out which would allow for preventing any imbalance in the activities. Read More
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