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Trace the origins of H.R.M. and show how it has impacted on todays workforce - Essay Example

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Human Resource Management (HRM), originally known as industrial welfare followed the factory act of 1833, which demanded for a male inspector by every factory. In 1878, there was a legislation which was passed to help regulate the number of work-hours per week mainly for women…
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Trace the origins of H.R.M. and show how it has impacted on todays workforce
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Download file to see previous pages Later was the formation of Welfare Workers Association, whose purpose was to bring out a Chartered institute of Personnel and Development. During World War I, there was a shift of the name from industrial welfare to Recruitment and Selection. There was a call to by the government to increase the use of individuals as well as starting girls-engagement during the First World War.
In 1916, it was made compulsory for the existence of a welfare worker in the explosive firms where a lot of work was accomplished by the army majorly focused on ability and IQ testing ways and techniques. In 1921, result on the tests, interview methods, and training techniques were established and published by the psychologist of the national institute (Marciano, 1995).
During World War II, the focus was based on a lot of issues hence the need to establish personnel department having well-skilled and competitive staff who were charged with recruitment, selection, and training. They also had to ensure improved worker morale and motivation, health and safety of the worker, maintain discipline in the workforce, better wage policies as well as ensuring joint consultations between workers and management.
Later on, the name was changed to Industrial Relations. As a result of the widespread of the consultations, the personnel department was then held responsible for organizational and administrative roles and was to act as the business’s spokesman on discussions with trade unions. Therefore, there was the need for specialists to deal with issues of industrial relations, which paved way for the industrial relations, its specialists, and its collective importance as it was witnessed in 1970’s negotiations after the reinforcement; the personnel manager was left in the authority on negotiations pertaining to wage pay among other collective issues (Armstrong, 2012).
Still in the 1970’s, due to an increase ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Trace the Origins of H.R.M. And Show How It Has Impacted on Todays Essay.
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