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Needs Analysis Survey - Research Paper Example

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This paper “Needs Analysis Survey”  will be conducted in the position of the customer service representative in the company. This survey aims to identify the needs of the customer service representatives in term of their training and by developing and delivering the skills to them…
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Needs Analysis Survey
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Download file to see previous pages The Job to be analyzed is the customer service representative. The procedure to be used in collecting job data is questionnaire survey. Some of the questions to be asked during analysis include:
• What are the formal qualifications of this job combined with the relevant field experience needed in this job?
• What technical skills are needed in this job such as skills in computers or word processors?
• Apart from the formal education, what other skills are needed for additional training in this job?
• What special skills in reading and writing are needed in this job?
• How long does the training of the specific skills necessary in this job take to perform the job satisfactory?
• After how long should be skills be updated through training?
• What is the level of decision making required by this position?
• How will the training help in the positions the customer service representative oversees or directs?
Individual analysis
The individual to be analyzed in this case are the customer service representatives.  The method to be used in collecting the individual analysis information is interviews.  Some of the questions to be asked during this analysis:
• Do you think you need training in your job?
• How often should you be trained and why?
• Do you encounter problems which are difficult to solve?
• Do you think they can be solved through training?
• How many days a week do you think are sufficient for your training and for how long?
• What are your strengths in this job?
• What are the weaknesses you have in this job? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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