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In this report the researcher will attempt to analyze and explain the definition of human resource management, importance of HR to an organization, how an effective human resource management may be developed, qualities of an effective human resource manager…
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An Analysis of Tools for Evaluating HR Effectiveness
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An analysis of tools for evaluating HR effectiveness
The middle managers of an organization are responsible for implementing plans and strategies outlined by the top management effectively within the organization (Mary 12). All resources needed for the successful implementation of the organization’s plans and strategies should be sufficiently availed in the organization by its management. The main resources needed in an organization are human resources, natural resources, manmade resources and capital. Among these resources, the most vital resources that determine the success or failure of the organization in its quest to meet organization’s targets and goals are human resources. Human resources are simply those people who are employed to work for an organization (employees). In this report the researcher will attempt to analyze and explain the definition of human resource management, importance of HR to an organization, how an effective human resource management may be developed, qualities of an effective human resource manager and the tolls for evaluating human resource effectiveness.
1.0 Definition and explanation of effective human resource management
Human resource management is a practice within an organization that is responsible for the recruitment, selection, training, empowerment, compensated and looking after the overall welfare of organization’s employees.For an organization’s activities to be carried out effectively and efficiently, an organization should have competent employees. The human resource manager is the one who carries out human resource management practice. He should therefore have plans in place to ensure the organization acquires the most competent employees in the market (Peter 12). This can be achieved through the development of an effective recruitment and selection plan. Through effective human resource management, organization’s employees are satisfied with the compensations they are given. This is due to the fact that the human resource manager keeps on reviewing the organization’s remuneration system so as to keep on making adjustments that will enable employees earn well in order to cope with the changing standards of living.Human resource management is concerned with motivating organization’s employees in a way that they will be able to produce outstanding outputs. The human resource manager since is the one who is responsible for this has to ensure that a good working environment exist within the organization for employees to concentrate with executing their assigned tasks exceptionally well and be highly productive.
2.0Importance of effective human resource management to business organizations
Employee retention- Each and every business organization aims to retain its competent employees so that they can keep on contributing tirelessly to the success of the organization in terms of its performance. Retaining organization’s employees is very challenging since they have to be fully satisfied with how they are being treated within an organization. The human resource manager has to have the relevant skills for him to convince employees to commit themselves to the organization for long. An effective human resource management enables a business organization to retain its employees and keep on working hard to improve the performance of the organization. It ensures that all organization’s employees are treated fairly and no one is discriminated in any way by fellow employees or managers of the organization. Read More
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