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Web Based tutorials/Donald Kirkpatrick ROI - Return On Investment - Assignment Example

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The economic concept is important in informing decisions regarding investment plans in a program or sustainability of programs that are…
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Web Based tutorials/Donald Kirkpatrick ROI - Return On Investment
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"Web Based tutorials/Donald Kirkpatrick ROI - Return On Investment"

Download file to see previous pages Even though changes have been made to the developed model for evaluating return on investment on training programs, with Philip’s modification as the most significant, Donald’s model remains the basis for analysis. This popularity across history identifies the author’s prominence in the Return on Investment concept and justifies the position that he is the founder of the concept. Modification of the concept by other authors, but in line with Donald’s perspective, also shows that the concept has undergone generational transition but is traceable to Donald (Wrench, 2013).
In his response to the subject of Return on Investments, Donald offered a four level model for evaluating effectiveness of investments on training. He noted significance of learners’ reaction to learning program, developed knowledge, application of learnt knowledge, and measurability of effects of training, aspects that need to be evaluated in determining return on investments. Donald’s model can also be applied in determining Return on Investment in web based learning as a training program (Wrench, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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