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I am keen in completing tasks in time. I have a great amount of perseverance that helps me achieve my goals. My planned and optimistic approach in everything is what drives…
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Interview Interview I am James from Kentucky doing my Masters in Accounting. I did my schooling Brainstorm Institute, secured 84% and feel privileged to pursue Masters in Harvard University.
I am a dedicated, passionate, and optimistic man who takes responsibilities with the utmost enthusiasm. I am keen in completing tasks in time. I have a great amount of perseverance that helps me achieve my goals. My planned and optimistic approach in everything is what drives me to success (Chase n.d.)
As I strive for perfection in my duties, I expect the same from others. If things go out of track, I take a step further and ensure the things are done in time. I love music, a good inclination of western blues. I selectively read books, mostly fantasy and fiction. I also enjoy watching cartoon.
I come from William Ibrahim family, born in Chicago and brought up in the multi-cultured flavors of Brazil. I have two note, I am the only son in the family.
I am the preeminent suited applicant for this position because I have enough experience which will enable me to undertake my duties well. I am a self-motivated individual who is at will to learn anything. Besides being an asset, I will do my best to help to your company. I have a positive mind and believe in continuous learning and improvement. I devote myself out of my comfort zone and achieve the best in my tasks (Chase n.d.).
My biggest weakness is that I have hard times saying no to extra duties and work. Through that, I have learnt how to multitask and pace myself so that I finish all the work before the deadline.
My accountant position at Kings Supply chain involved dealing with irate customers. I usually talked in a calm manner so that the customer can respond in a business-like manner. I remember a time when a customer’s goods had been over and he became verbally abuse. I tried to remain professional and not allow my feelings take over. When the abuse continued, I humbly requested him to call or visit the manager.
Back in college, I was the finance manager of the student union. I had the mandate to account for all spending’s in the union. The job involved working closely with the college accounting department.
Chase Dream.Com. (n.d.). Best Answers to Tough Interview Questions. ChaseDream.Com. Retrieved April 15, 2014, from Read More
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