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The pre-existing conditions in the labor industry before were alarming with different work periods and wages for the workers. Although women and children were previously protected, there was a need to set basic work time and wage, to…
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HRA360: Term Paper Topic Fair Labor Standards Act
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Download file to see previous pages Failure to comply with the minimum wage and overtime payment provisions is a violation of FLSA, which makes offenders liable and for this, they incur severe civil money penalties. The DOL administers and enforces the laws through its agencies at the federal level. There are numerous litigations brought forth for violation of FLSA at the state and federal level, which shows that there is still negligence to comply with the law and more controversies with FLSA need to be addressed adequately, due to changes like technology that could affect the law and labor.
Employment and hiring of contractors has changed over time. Today, there are far numerous responsibilities to both the employer and employees than it was some six decades ago. The economic, political and social concerns call for solid laws and policies to cover for various needs in the labor industry. Most of them are initiated at the national level and are enforced through the local, state and federal labor organizations. The US department of Labor (DOL) plays a central role in administering the various employment and labor statues and regulations, to ensure a better employer and employee relationship in the midst of the changing labor environment.
There exist many legal regulations in the USA that the DOL has to enforce as its mandates to ensure multiple workplace activities and different categories of people (employers, businesses, workers, contractors, jobseekers, immigrants and even the retirees) are covered. The various federal regulations fall in categories such as health and safety, wages and hours, benefits and competitions, working conditions, immigration and discrimination policies among others. OSH Act is a workplace safety and health regulations administered by OSHA, which acts to ensure workplace compliance to the set standards. FECA law deals with compensation of workers and was established to ensure federal employees who suffer disability or even ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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