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This is because the failure to respond to this behavior may bring about legal responsibility such as fines to the employer (Woska, 2012). This is why Michelle…
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Response to Classmates Week 11
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Responses to mates’ Posts Responses to mates’ Posts Feedback Brenda Burns) I agree with Brenda that employers shouldtake action when they discover that employees are hostile at the workplace. This is because the failure to respond to this behavior may bring about legal responsibility such as fines to the employer (Woska, 2012). This is why Michelle should respond to the worker’s hostility by allowing each group to narrate their side of the story. While Michelle does this, she should avoid taking sides because this would cause injustice and it would increase the hostility rather than minimizing it.
I also concur with Brenda that the Head Nurse should clarify to the workers the significance of each group in the healthcare. When workers determine the significance of the others, they will work as a team to improve patient care. The Head Nurse may be helped by other parties who are neutral to this case so that the nurses and their assistants may pay attention to the training. This is because if Michelle clarifies the issue alone, some of the workers may fail to listen to her because she is one of their own (Xerri, 2013).
As Brenda states, the supervisor may help by giving all the employees the workplace code of conduct. However, the supervisor should do this after investigating the case and understanding the root cause of the hostility. This is because if the supervisor highlights only the code of conduct, the problems among the workers may remain unsolved and this will worsen the case (Woska, 2013). Therefore, I suppose that after investigating the cause of the hostility, the supervisor should work with Michelle to solve the case and remind the employees of the healthcare rules by providing them with the code of conduct.
Feedback 2 (James Brinkert)
I do not agree with James’s idea that the head nurse should document the wrongdoings of the employees because this may create the feeling of job insecurity among the workers. This is because employees may think that they records of their wrongdoings may cost their job in future and they may become nervous. Documenting the mistakes of the workers may also waste the time that Michelle would use to solve the problem (Valsecchi, Wise, Mueller, & Smith, 2012). The documentation is also unethical because the information may trickle to other parties who may use it to threaten the workers in future.
I concur with James that teamwork and partnering may improve the workers relations and the quality of services that patients receive. This is because these strategies may increase the employees’ understanding of one another. Shearer and Maes (2014) argue that the understanding would then increase appreciation and reduce conflicts among the various groups of workers. In addition to the teamwork, the Head Nurse may conduct trainings on the workers so that they can understand their job roles clearly.
I also agree with James that the supervisor should help Michelle by coaching and disciplining the workers so that they can adhere to the workplace rules; because it would help the workers to understand that working as a team would increase the efficiency of delivering services to customers. The supervisor may coach the employees by organizing training sessions that include all the workers groups. This would help to increase the relations between the workers and it would allow them to present their views (Woska, 2013). This would also create an organizational culture that reduces hostility among the various employees.
Feedback 3 (Kathryn McGonegal)
I agree with Kate that the Head Nurse should reorganize this unit by training employees to work as a team. Michelle should first investigate the reasons for the hostility among nurses and their assistants to find out the cause of the problem. After the investigation, the Head Nurse should then solve the issue by encouraging workers to cooperate with one another. In case Michelle finds out that some workers have formed cartels that distract the efficient delivery of services to patients, she should break the groups by shifting the employees to different departments (Xerri, 2013).
I also concur with Kate that Michelle should formulate rules for picking nurse calls. These rules should require the workers who are free to pick the calls in case the others are busy with carrying out their duties. This will increase the cooperation among workers and it will ensure that all patients who call receive speedy feedback.
In the case of the role of the supervisor, I agree with Kate’s idea that the supervisor needs to help Michelle with ideas of solving the problem. This is because when the supervisor and Michelle work as a team, they will motivate the employees to also cooperate with one another in completing their tasks (Xerri, 2013). The supervisor may also help the Head Nurse in creating the rules that workers should follow and the punishments that they receive when they break these guidelines. The supervisor should then gather the workers together and enlighten them with the new rules so that they can take care of their actions. This will help workers to cooperate because they will fear to undergo punishment when they do not work as a team.
Shearer, R.J.D., & Maes, J.D. (2014). Does partnering still work? Reflecting on 25 years on the trenches. Organizational development journal 32(1), 75-83
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Xerri, M. (2013). Workplace relationships and the innovative behaviour of nursing employees: a social exchange perspective. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 51(1), 103-123. Read More
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