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The world is changing fast thus there’s need to keep up with the changes. Adapting to the prevailing and future environments…
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Career Management Plan
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Career Management Question Career management is increasingly becoming popular with increased levels of specialization and improvements in one’s particular area of interest. The world is changing fast thus there’s need to keep up with the changes. Adapting to the prevailing and future environments proves the importance of care managements. A career is built strongly by observing internal and external factors. They call for utilization of resources to achieve a higher career breakthrough. The most widely used resources are money, time, and support relationships.
In order to be competitive in the current world, one has to invest financial resources into the wellbeing of the career. The resources are mainly put into career development through trainings. Most career development trainings are paid for, thus, a person aspiring to develop his or her career ought to invest money. The success of a development project cannot be attained is there is no financial backing.
Time is an expensive resource in business. Time defines many business aspects such as quality. Career management requires time for training and guidance. A person must devote adequate time to enhance the quality of development. Consequently, the time needed must be at par with the set requirements for a particular development undertaking.
Another important resource in career management is building relationships. In the current world, most job opportunities arise from building working relationship with several people with similar interest. Building relationship helps a person to know more about the world of business, thus ripening the chances of a thriving career.
Question 2
An analysis of the needs of employees
Analyzing the need of employees is the single most important point in career management. It is the understanding of the need that drives appropriate actions. The development needs of the employees are brought about by a change in technology, means of production or a change in the management structure of an organization. To undertake career development by systems approach, this is the initial step that should be analyzed.
Designing of the training experience
At this point, the trainers are concerned about the content of the training and the level, type and amount exposure that they can instill on the employees. The training should also be interesting on the part of employees so that dating can be easy. This type of career management is common in many firms employing latest technologies.
Development of the materials needed for the training and development process.
Material needed for training depend on the nature of training, level and type of training. An effective training undertaking must use the relevant material in which the employees are to be trained upon. For, example, if a new technology is being rolled out in a firm, the employees must be trained on how to use it. It involves both practical and theoretical materials. This makes the process easy and real.
The implementation of the training and development experience
After the development of training materials, training is done. According to systems approach both theoretical and practical means are applied in implementation. It can take place in an organized session or through n ongoing process when working
An evaluation of the ongoing improvement
After training, evaluation is done to ascertain the important of the training through employee output monitoring. Consequently, evaluation may also be done from the differences in handling of tasks or ease of adaptability in various working environment.
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Career Management Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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