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This offers the companies benefit because they can evaluate the most current applicant’s information and try to match it with the…
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The advantages and disadvantages of E-recruiting
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Download file to see previous pages The study involved employees and human resources personnel in various categories of companies in order to establish the experiences of employees and employers with this process (Schmesser,, 2011, p. 26). In the study, forty-five companies were sampled randomly and in each business the human resource personnel were required to respond to the question and five employees were issued with questionnaires randomly to respond to a similar question. The question was open-ended in order to give the respondents an opportunity to discuss in details personal opinion about online hiring of workers and possibly suggest the necessary actions for improving the online hiring process. The objectives of this investigation were to examine the benefits and challenges of online hiring process, identify the weaknesses of online recruitment process and examine the areas that need improvement in order to increase efficiency of online recruitment process. Although online recruitment of workers is becoming the most common method in the modern society, it is not necessarily very accurate because it has other drawbacks that prohibit the jobseekers and employers to achieve their goals.
Online recruitment is a process in which companies choose their prospective candidate via internet to fill job vacancies in the business. The candidate posts their curriculum Vitae and cover letter electronically to the company’s or recruiter’s website (Kapse,, 2012, p.2269). The recruiter will retrieve the applicants CVs and screen them using special software in order to select those who qualify for the job advertised. The online advertisements for the jobs can reach all the jobseekers irrespective of their locality. This gives the companies an opportunity to reach as many potential employees as possible thus creating potential for the employers to get the best candidates for the advertised position (Schmeser, 2013, p. 35). Furthermore, the advertisement posted online is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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