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Although employees are expected to miss a number of days from work in a year, excessive absenteeism can result in a decrease in productivity (Barry 2014). A recent…
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Hospital in Ireland
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Absenteeism of Health Care Workers in HSE by Absenteeism is regarded to as the absence of an employee whether habitually or intentionally from the work place. Although employees are expected to miss a number of days from work in a year, excessive absenteeism can result in a decrease in productivity (Barry 2014). A recent study conducted shows that, in Health Service Executive West, one in every twenty employees does not turn up for work each day (Barry 2014). During a Public Accounts Committee meeting held on September 29, 2013, they discussed and found out that the scale of absenteeism seems to be on the increase with the Health Service Executive West replicating 5 per cent nationally (RTE 2013).
Employees miss work for various reasons majority of which are legitimate and others not, but the major reason noted among many hospitals is the reduction in morale (Independent 2014). This is evident in Tullamore Regional Hospital where the morale level is described to be at an all-time low (RTE 2013). This reduction in morale level is said to have been as a result of the HSE threat to close the Throat, Nose and Ear Ward and the cutback of some services and equipment. Medical experts have greatly warned on the impact that is said to rise from low morale and increase in stress levels among doctors and other health care practitioners (Offaly Independent 2007)
The HSE has embarked on a process of motivating the employees and reduce the absenteeism rate by hiring motivational coaches to give a boost to the senior managers’ morale (RTE 2013). This move has is set to support HSE’s succession managements strategy, and they are said to be vitally important in addressing the significant confronts facing the Executive. In reference to the documents published by the HSE, the persons offering the coaching services are required to promote talent growth and increase in leadership teams (Offaly Independent 2007).
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Hospital in Ireland Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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