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In this paper, one such interview is described which was taken place on 10th February, 2014 in early morning at around 11.00 am. I played the role of a helper and…
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Checkout paper 2
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Download file to see previous pages She even agreed that not able to attend schools due to sickness was causing a hard time for her.
“I believe that I am feeling ill most of the time and sometimes the intensity of sickness increases which compels me to take off from the school. Since I am missing my classes, I am lagging behind from my classmates and it is quite disturbing for me. It is even giving me a hard time.”
I think it was the right time to ask for clarifying me her viewpoint so that I could probe her for more information. I even realized that she was having difficulty in sharing her feeling and my question gave her space to open up and she responded to me appropriately:
It was important to summarize and reflect on her responses so that we both were on the same pace and the matter could be resolved. Her response shed light on the solution which she was seeking for undertaking few measures for getting fit and healthy:
“The medications make me tiresome and I feel sleepy during the classes too. It is quite irritating for me as I want to focus my attention on class lectures and compensate for the loss caused due to my sickness. Moreover, I want to move towards a routine which incorporates exercise regime.”
With this statement, it was evident that she wanted support for implementing a lifestyle which will be in compliance with her requirements. At this point, I had to ask more information so I used the paraphrasing technique:
This statement clarified everything that she wanted to get rid of the inactiveness caused due to sickness and motivate herself to include exercise in her routine. In order to summarize the interview, I said:
The client agreed with my response and it was a productive activity as it highlighted the main area of concern. During this exercise, I made effective use of reflection, summarization, clarification and paraphrasing.
Overall, I believe that I learnt about my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Checkout Paper 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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