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As much as church, synagogue and temple goers insist on maintaining a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere in their congregations, they need to accept the fact that they exist in a very dangerous world where they ought to be extra cautious to keep their lives (Harrell 7). The…
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Discussion #1 APS 210
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due: Security in Faith-based Organization Facilities As much as church, synagogue and temple goers insist on maintaining a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere in their congregations, they need to accept the fact that they exist in a very dangerous world where they ought to be extra cautious to keep their lives (Harrell 7). The various religious leaders in the country ought to come together and establish some general security systems to be put up in the various faith-based facilities. Then the heads of each of the facilities ought to set up some security measures in accordance to their specific traits then keep the congregation members alert on security details without causing an alarm.
2. The best security technologies for faith-based facilities are the least physically noticeable ones as they cause less obtrusion for the parishioners. These include inbuilt electronic door locks, access controls, hidden surveillance cameras, motion detectors and metal detectors. Security strategies include training the facility attendants on security surveillance, developing a sound emergency action plan, and enhancing instant communication systems for emergencies.
3. Before establishing the security enhancements for the places of worship, it is important to notify the parishioners and the surrounding community of the intended changes of the intended changes and their purposes. This step avoids any alarms and misunderstandings that may occur from security upgrades.
4. One similarity is that both cases receive protection from similar threats, which most of the times are terrorism and theft. A difference is that faith based organization facilities receive far more discreet protection measures, which impede on personal privacy on a much lesser scale the than U.S. Critical Infrastructures. Faith based organization facilities also receive protection on a much smaller scale in terms of monetary investments and level of expertise than the Critical Infrastructure locations (Harrell 9).
Work Cited
Harrell, Brian. Security challenges for houses of worship. Journal of Physical Security. (2010).
4(2), 1-9. Read More
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Discussion #1 APS 210 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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