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HSBC BANK (Motivation, Recruitment and Selection, Culture, Learning and Development, Change Management) - Assignment Example

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This study looks into HSBC bank, in particular its motivation, recruitment and selection, culture, learning and development, change management. The paper makes recommendations for HSBC bank to meet the current market demands and competition in the industry…
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HSBC BANK (Motivation, Recruitment and Selection, Culture, Learning and Development, Change Management)
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Extract of sample "HSBC BANK (Motivation, Recruitment and Selection, Culture, Learning and Development, Change Management)"

Download file to see previous pages This write up is an analytical paper that takes into concern the HSBC Holding Plc as one of the most reputed multinational banking and monetary service presenter, operating successfully from 1991. Being headquartered in London, it offers varied types of banking and financial services in the entire globe as compared to others. In a very time period, it expanded its wings in almost 90 countries in, North America, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America and many others that amplified its total assets by $2.693 trillion by the end of 2012. Moreover, due to the presence of wide range of customer bases, the operating income of HSBC Holding Plc increased by US$ 22.6 billion and total equity improved by US$ 175.2 billion by 2012. Such type of popularity and competitive position is attained by HSBC Holding Plc due to its remarkable services like consumer banking, investment banking, mortgage, private banking, credit cards, and many others. Due to these underlining reason the organization of HSBC Holding Plc is recognised as the sixth renowned financial institution by another magazine, Forbes. However, the entire prosperity and popularity of the organization of HSBC Holding Plc is due to its highly talented, skilled and motivated human resources. It is mainly due to its remarkable human resource policies and strategies that enhanced the inner morale of the employees and helped in improvement of the profit margin of the organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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