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Learning and Development Program for Eastman Sports Cars - Case Study Example

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This paper "Learning and Development Program for Eastman Sports Cars" explains what MUST be included in the company's L&D activities - legal and statutory requirements, health and safety compliance. The SHOULD and COULD categories would vary across firms but it definitely includes support and personal development…
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Learning and Development Program for Eastman Sports Cars
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Extract of sample "Learning and Development Program for Eastman Sports Cars"

Download file to see previous pages Incorporating training and development in the organization in Eastman Sports Cars is a challenge as communication within the organization is poor. Under the circumstances, an effective learning and development program has to be drawn up. Learning & Development (L&D)
L&D has to be involved from the start of when a new business process is re-engineered. Employee development opportunities should match the business needs of the organization (Anonymous, 2008). An organization needs leaders who can identify the learning and knowledge gaps and address these issues. They have to be involved from the beginning of the re-engineering process and take strategic initiatives. Organizational learning encompasses a wide range of activities and processes. A learning organization can be identified as one that encourages the employees to engage in the learning process through dialogue, experimentation and from one another (Gieskes, Hyland & Magnusson, 2002). However, learning may not always be beneficial to the organization because learning may not always be positive (Field, 1997). Employees may learn a great deal about avoiding responsibility and minimizing effort. This does not enrich either their own or the organization’s knowledge base. Individuals can learn but they keep what they learn to themselves. This requires collaborative learning that extends beyond the individual employee. The literature on organizational learning is closely linked to empowerment. On a typical working day, employees encounter situations where they can improve the status quo or do nothing (Field, 1997). If they feel empowered, they are likely to act and learn in the process. However, empowered employees can even harm the organization and may not want to apply themselves to management’s goals. They can undermine management wishes, deliberately avoid work and pressure. In the process, management risks losing control of one’s own status and power. This enhances the importance of management development. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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