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With the Great Depression in the 1930, industrial workers became dissatisfied and were on the verge of striking. This resulted in John Lewis who was a…
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Employee Relation/Union Campaigns
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Workers Unions Campaigns and Avoidance Early Labor Movements came into existence in the 19th century but have evolved to today’s Trade Unions under the Labor Laws. With the Great Depression in the 1930, industrial workers became dissatisfied and were on the verge of striking. This resulted in John Lewis who was a worker in a mining company that was a member of the Committee for Industrial Organizations to break away in 1935 triggering the emergence of Trade Unions in the United States (Peterson, 1963). These Trade Unions were formed ensure that the interests of workers were protected. They are responsible for negotiating workers wages. They ensure that their members work in favorable conditions and mediate in conflicts between employer and employee to settle grievances. They enforce the terms of collective bargaining to the organizations with its members (Barker, 1997). In the 1960’s, Trade unions underwent a transformation and became committed to social equality; racial and gender equality.
Towards the 1970s, employers turned to union avoidance by putting in place measures to maintain union-free work places and ousting existing unions. This was despite the fact that unionized workers were more productive. They argued that unionized workers were also more costly to the management and shareholders especially when compensation exceeded the productivity hence lowering the profit.
While working on a Union election, the position involved with the monitoring of election outcomes would best suit me. Monitoring ensures that the voting and vote counting process is free and fair. This role is concerned with ensuring the election is carried out peacefully to enhance its credibility and legitimacy. I am familiar with the workings and running of Unions. With conflict resolution skills, this role would best suit me.
According to Miller, E. B., the Philosophy-laden approach to relations operates on the belief is that when the employee is treated right, then the organization experiences greater productivity and human satisfaction. The workers would as a result see no sense in joining a union (1984). The treatment of an employee justly is a prerequisite of an organization’s culture; top management beliefs and values. Employee relations are concerned with avoiding and resolving issues concerning individual workers. Strong employee relation is achieved when the working environment is safe, the employees are included in decision-making, they are incentivized and there is an effective communication system with the management. With good employee relations, employees are positive about their contribution to the organization and about their identity. This status is a product of having good Human Resource Management system.
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Peterson, F. (1963). American labor unions: What they are and how they work. New York: Harper & Row. Read More
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