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I understand the magnitude of work that leaders engage in when coordinating the efforts of others towards a common goal. However, it also under such instances one receives a variety of suggestions…
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Defining and Discovering Values
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DEFINING AND DISCOVERING VALUES of Affiliation DEFINING AND DISCOVERING VALUES Independence stands out at the top of mypriority values in ethical leadership. I understand the magnitude of work that leaders engage in when coordinating the efforts of others towards a common goal. However, it also under such instances one receives a variety of suggestions and alternatives from their followers, each one of whom desire utmost attention. After weighing the options available, my independence mindedness becomes critical here because it minimizes, or rather, eliminates cases of favoritism.
Tolerance is my second value and describes that quality in me that helps me to be accommodative of other people’s failures or divergent views.
Thirdly, I value the quality of being flexible. Understandably, leadership entails coming up with a strategic plans that guide you into your desired future. Since future is almost unpredictable, other factors may come in that force us to alter some of these plans. Flexibility is certainly the value that allows me to make a move away from a “rule of thumb” that may not necessary guide me to my goal.
Safety is the other value that I treasure most in my ethical leadership. It describes that quality in me that keeps me mindful of the well-being of my followers. As a leader, I would not assign a risky task to my follower that I would personally shy away from being part of it.
Lastly, comfort informs me of the need to live a worthwhile life despite the life demands. Life is not a rehearsal and, therefore, getting the most of it while it still lasts is my priority. As such, I always seek to ensure that my followers and I lead comfortable and enjoyable lives.
While the above values are critical in my leadership journey, the most challenging bit has been to integrate them in my leadership style. Fortunately, an understanding of the fact that everything I desire to achieve begins with a deliberate move towards it, the only sure way to integrate the values is by living them each day. For instance, every morning as I wake up, I choose to of the above value that I reflect on and try to practice as I interact with others. When faced with ethical dilemmas, for instance, I can support my core values by considering the long terms gains rather than the selfish and short terms desires. Undoubtedly, practicing ethical leadership is an ideal situation that everybody should endeavor to achieve. Its benefits are to the wellbeing of humanity rather than selfish individualistic gains. Therefore, whereas sticking to my ethical values may cost me a lot, the feeling that I am practicing what is right reinforces my ethical professional life.
My strengths include organization, discipline, empathy, cohesiveness, and being a model. I came to realize that these are some of my points of strength thanks to the constant compliments I receive from my colleagues. Therefore, in view of the above strengths, I can certainly capitalize on them to reinforce my ethical leadership. As an organized and disciplined fellow, it is easier for me to clearly state my values and choose to stick to them no matter the cost. Secondly, being empathetic and cohesive, I may ably share my values with others without aspect of intimidation or causing disunity. Finally, as a role model, I may use these strength to cause some of these values to resonate in the minds of people I engage with such that they may also not put me in compromising situations. Read More
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