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Features of Metaphors: Critical Organization & Sustainability - Essay Example

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In the paper “Features of Metaphors: Critical Organization & Sustainability” the author was supposed to make a presentation that could reflect on characteristic features of metaphors. He chose “Organization’s culture” in which cultural values are integrated…
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Features of Metaphors: Critical Organization & Sustainability
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Extract of sample "Features of Metaphors: Critical Organization & Sustainability"

Download file to see previous pages Initially, when we created our group, we went through a tough time. However, we all felt that it was a learning process, and we learnt how certain organizational metaphors help us define different situations. Moreover, metaphors helped us create a presentation and it was met with applause from our peers and was appreciated by professors, as well.
In the beginning, we were not very keen to complete the assignment, but we still needed to work on our presentation, so we backed ourselves through a “machine metaphor.” It enabled us achieve a predetermined goal. This metaphor can be seen as we met at regular intervals and none of us was absent during the meetings or made any excuses to delay the work. We wanted to accomplish our task as efficiently as possible. One of the most important elements of “Machine metaphor’ is that we wanted to perform, carry out proceedings through effective planning, communicating as well as controlling ourselves to perform even though in normal circumstances we would not carry out (Alan, 1997). However, this metaphor enabled us to work because we had a task in hand, which were supposed to do and we knew that we were required to give the presentation. The mechanistic properties of this metaphor may be difficult if there were changes in circumstances. In our case, we formed a group to work together in a team and this willingness to carry out our tasks led us to progress and initiate meetings. As machine metaphor has limitations, we cannot regard this as a complete encapsulate for the whole experience. It would have been difficult to construct the whole presentation through machine metaphor. Due to it “machine features” one can say that it invites a lot of discrepancies like lack of acknowledgement, blame and even stressful situations as it is more important to attain a goal or purpose (Kocha & Deetzb, 1981).
We had four group meetings in total. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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