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Based on the case details, it seems Betty is at fault in this messy situation. In the case, it is her primary responsibility to file the necessary paperwork, in particular the LOA form, well ahead before her expected delivery. In fact, she had two more months to do so,…
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Its My Job
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Case 26: ITS MY JOB (The Family Leave Act) ID number: of Human Resources of University (affiliation)
Location of University:
Date of Submission: January 30, 2014
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1. Based on the case details, it seems Betty is at fault in this messy situation. In the case, it is her primary responsibility to file the necessary paperwork, in particular the LOA form, well ahead before her expected delivery. In fact, she had two more months to do so, starting in early September up to late October. In Bettys case, she did not even qualify for leave without pay (LWOP) as far as the hospital is concerned; she did not submit her request (NIH, 2014, para. 2).
2. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 provides that employers must restore the employee to the same position upon return to work, on condition that if the position is no longer available, the returning worker will be given a new position with a substantially the same benefits, pay, and responsibilities. Jean did her best to compromise by giving Betty a part-time position (presumably commensurate with her previous position) as long as it is permanent position also and not a temporary job. This is also in view of Bettys previous request to work only on the days when her husband is available and be at home to care for the new baby. The exigencies of the service required a full-time employee (Joanne) be put in place of Bettys old position as it is an important job function at the hospital (Kilpatrick & Johnson, 1999, p. 56)
3. The responsibilities of the hospital administrator include ensuring hospital operations are efficient and not disrupted due to absences of personnel (whether on leave or not) and to comply with pertinent labor laws (Bernstein, 2004, p. 330). The department director (who is Jeans supervisor) should make sure all employees are familiar with FMLA and its requirements.
4. The impact of the FMLA on this case is that Betty is not entitled to having an unpaid, job-protected leave because she failed to file the necessary leave of absence (LOA) form in time.
5. Everybody contributed their equal share to the completion of this project.
Bernstein, A. B. (2004). Guide to your career. Framingham, MA: The Princeton Review.
Kilpatrick, A. O. & Johnson, J. A. (1999). Human resources and organizational behavior: Cases in health services management. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.
National Institutes of Health (2014, January 24). “NIH leave guide for civilian employees.” Retrieved January 30, 2014 from Read More
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Its My Job Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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