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Management of Health Services - Coursework Example

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In order for organizations to achieve success and realize long term goals and objectives, it is important that the management team sets up control operations. This is applicable for any corporate organization. Therefore, the same applies to the management of health services…
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Management of Health Services
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Management of Health Services In order for organizations to achieve success and realize long term goals and objectives, it is important that the management team sets up control operations. This is applicable for any corporate organization. Therefore, the same applies to the management of health services. Management of health organizations requires control functions so that all the activities of the organization are in tandem with the set goals and objectives. All employees are expected to follow the set down rules of the health organization so that no form of failure is experienced. Risk management is a venture by health organizations that ensures that possible recipes to failure are alleviated in the organization (Drucker & Ferdinand 45). For example, incase the management anticipates that health services are not going to be adequate enough for the soaring patient numbers, more facilities need to be purchased so that when this time reaches, patients will be served satisfactorily. However, control functions are sometimes difficult and challenging to implement and use in cases when employees are many. It becomes challenging to monitor each employee to see whether they are achieving organizational goals (Drucker & Ferdinand 56).
Health service organization managers have various planning and organizational roles as pertains to the conduct of employees and the execution of tasks. Incase there is a project by the health organization; it is the role of health service organization managers to supervise the project team and ensure that the project is completed in time. The managers are also responsible for financial planning so that all service operations are done within the allocated budget. Managers also delegate duties to various employees so that there is efficient division of labor. In order to ensure that the responsibilities of managers are effective, project managers need to take action against any employees who break rules of the health organization. They are also expected to be diligent and thorough in their roles (Drucker & Ferdinand 78).
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Management of Health Services Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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