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Human Resource Development as the Expansion of Human Capital in an Organization - Essay Example

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As a theory, Human Resources development is a framework which deals with the expansion of human capital in an organization. It does this through the development of individuals and the organization in order to achieve an improvement in performance…
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Human Resource Development as the Expansion of Human Capital in an Organization
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"Human Resource Development as the Expansion of Human Capital in an Organization"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, this helps to provide competence and effectiveness in Human resources. An organization should start development programs and training in order to develop skills and competencies in its employees.
Human resources development also brings about employee commitment. For employees to be committed to their jobs, they need to be well trained and efficient. This can only be achieved through Human Resources Development. Development opportunities and proper training help employees to feel committed to the organization.
Human Resources Development also brings about job satisfaction. If well developed and oriented, employees tend to portray a higher degree of commitment. Development and orientation help to inspire employees for a better performance. In the long run, this brings about job satisfaction.
Development of human knowledge through Human Resources development helps the employees to get career development opportunities. Career development involves personal development efforts. This can be achieved by matching development opportunities and training with the employee’s desires.
According to Elevator speech 1 by Dimitri Taylor, Human Resources development improves a company’s with its knowledge about how human capital affects organizational success. Human Resources development equips managers with information on how they can improve the success of the organization through employees.
Human Resources Development also ensures that there are safety measures in an organization. It does this by ensuring that the organization follows the U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. Safety in the work environment may be achieved through maintenance of accurate records and work logs. Human Resources Development also ensures safety in an organization through the development of programs, which reduce the number of workplace injuries. Maintenance of safety in an organization is important because it ensures efficiency in the organization’s operations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resource Development As the Expansion of Human Capital in an Org Essay - 10.
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