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Some of the components of the forced distribution method are ‘behaviorally anchored rating scale’, ‘checklists’, ‘critical incidents’, ‘essay…
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Managing Employees performance
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Chapter 8-Managing Employees’ performance Develop a graphic rating scale for any job of your choice. Sophisticated statistical tools are used to assess quantitative as well as qualitative aspects of an employee’s work. Some of the components of the forced distribution method are ‘behaviorally anchored rating scale’, ‘checklists’, ‘critical incidents’, ‘essay evaluation’, etc. The manager can choose the most relevant component for application. For instance the manager can construct a graphic rating scale to explore a particular area of employee performance. The scale is so constructed that a variety of traits are noted in a form, divided broadly across quantitative and qualitative aspects of work. Some of the most commonly used ‘traits’ include ‘dependability’ ‘attitude’, ‘attendance’, ‘initiative’, ‘cooperation’, ‘overall output’, etc. The employee could be given a rating on a scale of one to five for each of these traits. Here, 5 could represent ‘excellence’ and 1 could represent ‘poor’. 3 stands for acceptable but not outstanding standards. The total attained by the employee is a good indicator of his/her overall utility for the enterprise. The graphic rating scale can either be continuous or discontinuous.
2- Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using the forced distribution appraisal method for college professor.
The forced distribution appraisal method is a modern management concept. It is more formal and structured compared to traditional models. It differs from traditional models in that it takes into consideration numerous employee performance parameters. The objective is not merely to find ‘justifications’ for an employee’s remuneration structure, but also to constructively identify weak and strong areas. In this manner an employee is offered a feedback for all-round development of skills. For example, the forced distribution appraisal method will grade employees across performance scales. This will help the management to offer inputs on their career development, training needs and optimal reward structures.
There are several principles that make forced distribution methods successful. Firstly, the evaluator is given a predetermined distribution scale to fill up. ‘Job performance’ and ‘eligibility for promotion’ are given special attention. A five point performance rating scale is the norm, where employee traits are assessed only quantitatively. The worker can come out as ‘good’, ’bad’ or somewhere in between with respect to the traits. A graph can then be constructed with the rating designated to X-axis and’ number of employees’ to the Y-axis. What usually transpires is a Norman distribution curve with a majority of employees slotted in the middle section.
A characteristic feature of forced distribution method is its use of several sets of paired phrases, capturing positive or negative outcomes for any given scenario. The appraiser will have to choose one among the four options that best describe employee behavior for each event. The employee can gain or lose credit in this fashion. Hence there are a lot of merits associated with this method. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t work very well will small data pools. The graph in that case appears skewered.
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Richard Charles Grote (2002). The Performance Appraisal Question and Answer Book: Survival Guide for Managers." 28-29 Read More
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Managing Employees Performance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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