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Performance Management involves creating a system that encourages the constant improvement of organizational procedures and of individuals’ capacities, behavior and input at work. Managing performance revolves around the functions and efficiency of line managers in creating…
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Managing Performance
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Insert Managing Performance Performance Management involves creating a system that encourages the constant improvement of organizational procedures and of individuals’ capacities, behavior and input at work. Managing performance revolves around the functions and efficiency of line managers in creating objectives and revising or improving the efficiency of their employees. In most cases, a Performance Management and Development System is the unit mandated to carry out the formal oversight and updating of this information. As such, managing performance establishes shared knowledge on what awaits in the achievements list as a strategy of organizing and empowering the human resources to meet important organizational goals and objectives.
Managing performance underlines and therefore is inexorably related to every tasks of the human resources of a company (Cardy and Leonard 169). This includes its organizational culture, the approach to completing tasks and communications strategy. The extent and importance of the performance management plan is based on the structural context and can differ across organizations. Moynihan specified that managing performance involves applying strategy by aligning the job designations of the staffs along broad organizational issues and long-term objectives (189). In addition, it should be integrated, in the sense that it links different organizational aspects, human resources management, aspirations of individual staffs and working teams.
As such, performance management ought to incorporate: a) ways to improve performance of the staffs across all units of the organization including individual respect among the workforces; b) teamwork; c) a clear development plan since this is the only way to ensure continuous productivity and development of individual workforces and teams to enhance their performance, and d) managing behavior by ensuring that the staffs are motivated to adopt a working culture that permits and encourages sound working relationships (Cardy and Leonard 170). Effective communications between staffs and across departments and proper tools to measure and make vital improvements it is one of the ways in which employee performance management can be achieved.
Importance of managing performance
Managing performance ensures the workplace is safe and enjoyable for every employee to work in (Cardy and Leonard 171). It improves interpersonal relations, psychological and physical health by eliminating risk factors associated with them such as harassment. As such, it improves productivity, efficiency at work, and career development. In addition, effective performance management lowers the rate of staff absenteeism, turnover and turnover intent hence the realization of smooth operations of business. Moynihan noted that concerned employers have since realized that ending the risk has the potential for higher returns and are thus integrating employees in the plan for better management of their own performance (191).
Managing performance of human resources is an important way to ensure effective and productive workforces that have the capacity to respond to the challenges of the modern-day business environment. An effective performance management strategy for human resources involves an integrated approach to proper communication tools and the culture of teamwork; goal setting and achievement, and; providing the staffs with the opportunity and the mechanisms for growth and development. This way an organization can best achieve employee productivity, limit absenteeism and turnover by making the operations enjoyable.
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