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Managing Performance in Turbulent Times - Research Paper Example

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The author of the following paper states that Google is one of the largest and most popular brands in the world today. Google started operating in 1998 as a web search engine and has grown steadily from there to become one of the most common internet and communication brands in our world today…
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Managing Performance in Turbulent Times
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Extract of sample "Managing Performance in Turbulent Times"

Download file to see previous pages This paper examines how Google competes in the world of the internet and e-commerce. It examines the various points which Google uses to gain an advantage of its competitors and remain at the top of the industry.
Barrows & Nechy (2011 p85) identify that the brain behind the success of Google lies in its ability to innovate. As compared to its competitors, Google spends more time and effort to identify new communication systems and methods at different points in time.
Although Google started as a search engine company, it spent time and money to research and identify the true needs and desires of customers. In 2005, they launched personal email services which they believed was in demand by the markets. “They pursue a strategy that aims at increasing the capacity of computers and communication” (Png & Lehman, 2007 p3). This means that research and development are a fundamental part of Google. They put in more effort to find out what consumers need at every point in time and work to provide that specific service according to the highest standards and expectations possible.
Google, therefore, sets out to organize the world's information rather than just make a profit for the sake of getting money from the consumers (Carter et al, 2011 p147). They, therefore, try to find ways of satisfying consumer needs at specific times. Google, therefore, has competitors not only in the normal internet companies but also, traditional publishers and other outlets.
Google is aware that it operates in one of the most turbulent industries in the world. They, therefore, appreciate the fact that consumer needs change at a regular interval. Google, therefore, changes regularly to meet these demands. On the average, Google makes major changes to its strategy each month (Carter et al, 2011 p148).
The internal structures of Google support its vision of leading in innovation. Googles workers are grouped in teams of 20 – 50 employees under a single manager. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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