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HR's Role in a Strategic Acquisition of Wordsmit Retail Booksellers - Assignment Example

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The author examines HR’s role in a strategic acquisition of Wordsmith, one of leading Australia based retail booksellers. The organization has a strong presence in the Australia market. Wordsmith operates in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia. …
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HRs Role in a Strategic Acquisition of Wordsmit Retail Booksellers
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Download file to see previous pages The organization has 18 bookstores in different parts of the country, such as Tasmania, Western Australia, and the entire Northern Territory. Wordsmith made acquisition of Mainly Books in order to enhance its strong presence in Australia. In addition to this, the organization made acquisition of the mainly Books in order to penetrate the entire Australian market. Mainly Books faced several issues and business losses over the last years due to inadequate human resource management practices. Overstaff and inadequate recruitment process affected the overall business operation process of the organization. In addition to this, Wordsmith retail chain bookseller does not implement aggressive human resource management strategy in the business processes. However, the recent human resource manager of Wordsmith named Gemma is trying to implement a strategic function in the human resource process in order to meet the developed business goals and corporate objectives. The human resource manager is trying to design a redundancy process in the human resource management of the newly acquired firm. It is clear from the case study that the organization faced high business losses over the past few years. The implementation of the redundancy process can create several legal issues for the organization that need to be considered by Gemma. It is true that the global economic environment is getting affected due to the strong effects of the recent financial crisis and economic recession. Each and every organization has to maintain developed employment laws of the organization. In addition to this, the government of Australia developed several strict employment rules for business organizations. Redundancy and staff cutting can create several legal issues. The employees have their basic right to make a complaint against the employers and the management of the organization against this period1. Gemma is trying to recruit a number of employees despite the issues of overstaffing.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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