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Industry Paper-Exploring organaizational development and strategies - Essay Example

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In the market, the vacuum cleaner industry has grown exponentially as the consumers are using these appliances for keeping their residential and commercial areas clean and hygienic. The industry has evolved from simple suction vacuum cleaners to robotic cleaners and most of the…
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Industry Paper-Exploring organaizational development and strategies
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Extract of sample "Industry Paper-Exploring organaizational development and strategies"

Download file to see previous pages With the advent of time, the vacuum cleaner industry has undergone drastic changes. The globalization of the markets, rapid developments in the technologies, easy access to cost-effective manufacturing destinations and growing concern for eco-friendly products and services have stressed the need of modifying the organizational structures and strategies (European Commission, 2009).
The vacuum cleaners are supplied in accordance to the demands of the customers, government, society and environment so that every stakeholder can get benefitted. All the key players of the vacuum cleaner industry such as Dyson, Dirt Devil, Electrolux, Kirby, Hoover, Vax, Black & Decker, Miele, Oreck and many more have same organizational structures and strategies. However, they differ in terms of their competency level and product differentiation strategy.
The early form of vacuum cleaners was the self-contained ones which were the foremost and sole suction machines. These first machines were introduced and invented in Europe by Hubert Booth in early period of 1900s and his company’s name was Goblin. Next, the upright vacuum cleaners were created which had a revolving brush for loosening the debris. These appliances were conceived by James Murray Spangler and a few years later were introduced in US by Hoover. The early entrants of the vacuum cleaner market in UK were Electrolux in 1908, followed by Vorwerk in 1929 and Miele in 1931 (European Commission, 2009).
During the period of 1960s, the concept of professional carpet cleaning was inaugurated. This latest trend was refined by Alan Brazier under the brand Van in 1980s. This was the turning point in the European vacuum cleaner industry as Vax Ltd. took over more than half of the UK market by the end of 1980s. Hoover and Bissell launched the extractors or upright carpet washers in Europe and US in the early years of twenty-first century.
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