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It is true that conflicts like workplace discrimination and employment inequality can affect the workplace environment and organizational performance. Therefore, it is the responsibility of…
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What Do You Think
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Introduction It is important for the construction company to increase the number of women employees. It is true that conflicts like workplace discrimination and employment inequality can affect the workplace environment and organizational performance. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the HR director to develop the several effective strategies in order to increase the number of women staffs in the organization.
According to employment equity act women have the fundamental rights to achieve the opportunity of employment. The HR Director should develop new policies to increase the number of women staffs. First of all, the HR Director of the construction company should organize an interaction session. In this session the director should suggest the major stakeholders of the organization to realize the significance of women employees. Recently it has been seen that women staffs are considered as more effective employees who can mange several conflicts in an effective way. It is true that the managerial capability of women is much higher comparing to the men. In addition to this, the HR Director should motivate its employees to work together with employees. Collaborative work and effective workplace diversity strategy can help the director to hire skilled women employees. The human resource department should develop workplace equity policy in order to take care of the morale rights of women employees. This strategy will help the organization to avoid workplace conflicts and improve its productivity. On the other hand, the goodwill of the organization can get increased among its internal and external stakeholders.
It is true that male employees have the ability to do the hard work and avail more physical ability comparing to the women individuals. In terms of managerial skills, organization can get advantages from women leaders. It is important for the organization to motivate the male employees before implementing any employment equity policy. The organization should redefine the reward structure and performance evaluation process to motivate the male employees. In addition to this, the HR department should organize an orientation process in which the director can help them to understand the significance of collaborative work performance and workplace diversity. Skilled Men and women employees in a group can enhance collaborative group work (Poelmans 174).
There are several competitive advantages to implement this initiative. Diverse workforce with female staffs can help the organization to bid for several leading private organization. Apart from profit maximization, the leading private organizations try to focus on corporate ethics and corporate governance. In addition to this, this strategy can help the organization to bid for government contracts that can increase the reputation and goodwill of the organization. The rate of high education and skills of women are increasing significantly in societies. This growth rate will help the organization to motivate to hire skilled female staffs. On the other hand, engaging women employees in the workplace can act as motivational factor for entire team that can enhance organizational performance.
It is clear from above discussion that hiring women employees can increase the competitive advantage of the organization. The HR Director should try to develop several employment equity policies by motivating the stakeholders and employees of the organization.
Work Cited
Poelmans, Steven. Work and Family. New York: Psychology Press, 2005. Print. Read More
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