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Human Resource in Coffee Masters Company - Assignment Example

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This particular organization is cafeteria dealing with the retail of coffee and other breakfast meals. Apart from coffee, the organization also retails other soft drinks. The supply of its products is made in walk-in cafeterias offering both take away and sitting in options…
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Human Resource in Coffee Masters Company
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Download file to see previous pages Between this major entity and the minimal waged consumer, there are untapped resources in form of reaching out to these menial waged consumers (Edgar & Fiona 45).
Coffee Masters have an objective of offering the quality coffee at a much lower price. Additionally, the organization has branches in suburbs which hold a significant number of people in its target market. Also in its objectives, the organization aims at using the human labor of the locals to fuel the activities in the organization. To aid in this the organization has a total of 100 employees in all its branches. Each branch has an internal staff, 30 members. The rest of the employees are involved other activities like marketing, sales, logistics, branch supervisors and the organization has a large transport system which has a significant number of employees depending on the size of the branch’s logistics activity (Turner, 76).
The organization is controlled by a management team located at the main branch of the organization. Additionally, the organization has employed human resources representatives at each branch. The HR rationale in this organization involves minimal contact between the employees and the main management team. The management team greatly relies on the operations of branch supervisors as the human resource representatives.
In this particular organizational setting, the human resource is a simple arrangement with three levels. The top level of human resource management in this setting is the top management team. The team is led by the founders of the enterprise who carry out the task of decision making and approving recommendations (Fielding 89). From the CEOs, the organization has branch managers as the second in command. The branch managers run the branches under strict instructions from the CEOs. Below the branch managers lie the other staff members with the highest ranked staff member being a branch supervisor. In  terms of human resource management, the organization has an HR manager who has the responsibility of hiring and terminating employment contracts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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