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In the paper “Better Performance through Self-Quantification” the author focuses on self-evaluation as an essential tool to improve an individual’s entrepreneur skills and capabilities. In this case, there are diverse methodologies in evaluating the performance of an entrepreneur…
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Better Performance through Self-Quantification
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Understanding of auto-analysis tools is requisite towards the attainment of maximum self-awareness. Modern sets of tools entail the trackers and nudgers. Trackers have a major role in reveal patterns within the business. The revelation of patterns is paramount towards the process of goal setting. Minute particulars such as heart rate, calorie levels, and sleep hours are stored for awareness3. Longitudinal use of the trackers is a recommendable strategy. It records a balance that reveals a baseline of personal details. Consequently, data analysis and storage take a cyclic pattern within the business. Nudgers have a basic role in guiding entrepreneurs towards goal attainment4. They use the received details to ask questions and prompting that inculcates resilience. They take the form of applications and online tools that offer recommendations of new behaviors according to the received data.
There are three major domains in which that are measured by auto-analysis. These are the body, mind, and spirit. The body is also the “physical-self.” The physical structure of an individual has an immense impact on job performance. It influences creativity as well as aggregate productivity. Diverse strategies such as mobile applications, sensors, and desktop tools collect essential details about body movements. Physiological processes like sleep have an immense impact on professional performance. Recording and analyzing sleep rates would surface outstanding recommendations for elevated job performance. Mind also entails the “thinking self.” This is an essential domain of job performance. Cognitive tasks might be evaluated through accomplishments in Excel commands and operations6. It could as well be measured through research conducted in an individual’s smartphone. Cognitive capabilities such as attentiveness can be evaluated through trackers and nudgers to reveal their affiliation with performance. Environmental distractions would definitely deprive job performance. “Emotional-self” is paramount to performance as well. Professionals and entrepreneurs ought to become aware of emotions and manage them7. Auto-analysis does not inculcate emotional intelligence directly. Instead, it offers recommendations to enhance happiness and satisfaction in the career. The applications track moods and offer recommendations that motivate performance in business. This nurtures positive relationships within the workplace, hence propagating aggregate performance.
Personal evaluation and awareness are requisite in organizational performance. Trackers and nudgers are requisite in analyzing the trend in body, mind, and soul domains. Trackers have the role of recording details, as the nudgers offer recommendations of goal setting. In all domains, workers and entrepreneurs ought to make a commitment to adhere to the recommendations of auto-analysis. If levels of commitment are compromised, there would be a definite deprivation of job performance. Therefore, utmost commitment should be an emphasized virtue beyond the tools and arenas of auto-analysis. Read More
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