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The story of the film ‘the human experience’ revolves around a young man and his brother and their quest to find what it means to be human in light of their own experiences and struggles. They have three different life-transforming experiences in search of the answers to the questions about the meaning and purpose of life…
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The Human Experience and Communication in Movie
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The Human Experience
The story of the film ‘the human experience’ revolves around a young man and his brother and their quest to find what it means to be human in light of their own experiences and struggles. They have three different life-transforming experiences in search of the answers to the questions about the meaning and purpose of life. What does it mean to be a human? Why do we have to suffer? Where is God? Where can we find hope? The movie portrays various character aspects of the actors.
1. a) Physical needs ; the brothers take on a hard task of travelling from the United states to Peru to Ghana. They meet their physical needs by communicating with the society around them for example, in New York streets they have to beg for food.
b) Relational needs; the younger brother expresses dissatisfaction about his relationship with the father and reveals that they have not talked for the last ten years. They later meet in an intensely emotional scene at the end of the film after the older brother arranges for a meeting with the father.
c) Identity; to find personal identity, the brothers try to relate with the less fortunate like the lost children in Peru and the lepers in Ghana. They try to find their purpose in life by helping the less fortunate stigmatized groups of people
d) Spiritual needs; the brothers try to connect with their creator by being sympathetic to the less fortunate in the hope that they are accomplishing what God created them to do.
e) Instrumental; the brothers try to be instrumental that is of use to other people’s lives by caring for the abandoned children in Peru and by giving joy to the lepers in Ghana.
2 a) Self-awareness; the journey makes the brothers more aware of themselves when they find out the privileges they have in life. They also find their main purpose in life is to be of use to others by helping them for example by helping the AIDS victims in Ghana and hospitalizing the abandoned disabled children in Peru.
b)Adaptability; the brothers learn to adapt to different situations, places and to different people they come across. They have to adapt to the situation in New Yorks cold streets by asking for food and building a cardboard shelter. They adapt to the situation of the lepers in Ghana and the homeless in Peru
c) Empathy; throughout the film the brothers show empathy to people in different kinds of situations, they empathize with the homeless in the streets of New York by putting themselves in their shoes, then with the abandoned disabled children in Peru who they take to clinic for treatment and with the AIDS victims and lepers in Ghana.
d) A person’s cognitive complexity is their ability to analyze a situation from different angles. The brothers analyze life from different perspectives from the problems in the first world in New York and Peru and the third world problems in Africa. They also explore interpersonal relationship problems between father and son and try to solve all these problems.
e) Ethics; the brothers are improving their social ethics by practicing their social responsibility towards the society. They have decided to abandon an attitude of apathy and chosen to be concerned with what is going on in the society around them.
The movie portrays several groups of people going through stigma in the society. These people are; the homeless in the street who are always viewed as potential threat to safety of the general population, a shame to the society and a burden to people as they depend on handouts. The disabled are also stigmatized by the fact that they are considered a shame to the parents and to the society. People living with HIV/AIDS often have to face stigma as they are viewed as immoral and deserving to bear the disease as a pay for their sins.
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