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Entrepreneur Interview and Personal Analysis - Assignment Example

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The paper contains an entrepreneur interview. The author of the paper describes what made her decide to embark on online business and the biggest challenges she had to face. The author also describes the advantages and disadvantages of being an online store.  …
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Entrepreneur Interview and Personal Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Jessica: Our marketing tools were very limited. At first, we thought that the channels were perfectly appropriate for the kind of market, but when we both decided that it was time to grow, we have to find other ways to market our products. Word of mouth is still our number one channel. A happy customer always advertises and makes referrals, so we just had to capitalize on that one.
Jessica: Online stores always have a wider reach. They can market in other countries; reach a wide array of audiences. It is a one-stop-shop. It is the best way to showcase our merchandise, especially with the fact that we always have to introduce new designs. And it is the current trend! Who else is not on Facebook and Twitter. This is our market. The age range that we cater to are all into social networking so being an online store is perfect for a small scale business like ours. It gives us the mileage without having to spend a fortune for physical stores in all the right places.
Rachel: I agree. We take advantage of the fact that a lot of people are into social networking. But I guess the downside is that it is just not too personal. People talk to the computer for the specifications of our products. It takes time for them to get their message across and us to respond. Although of course, we try as much to respond to online queries. It’s just that sometimes, time is an important element.
Jessica: I think our personalities compliment and blend. We both have individual tasks. One of us takes care of Marketing and the other one Operations. We have a harmonious working relationship that rubs on to the rest of the stuff. And for me, it’s really fun fun fun to be doing things that you like to do, and with your favorite people in the world, and earning money as well.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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