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HR needs of Natural Knibbles - Essay Example

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The reporter states that in response to the continuously changing information technology, the implementation of HRIMS based on the specific HR needs of Natural Knibbles could enable Cherrie to improve her ability to manage and maximize the use of the company’s available human resources…
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HR needs of Natural Knibbles
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Download file to see previous pages Aside from Furthermore, the same technology can be used to enable Cherrie to manage employee benefit packages that are effective in terms of motivating its existing employees to support the challenges the company is about to encounter.
Among the HR issues and challenges that Natural Knibbles need to address includes: (1) the need to implement human resource information management system (HRIMS) that is tailored to the company’s current HR needs (Matthews: 140); (2) risk of facing the business consequences caused by resistance-to-change; (3) need to establish a strong organizational culture that strongly supports organizational learning, work flexibility and adaptation to organizational change; (4) significance of transformational leadership skills in the implementation of new HR strategies; and (5) importance of establishing a new organizational vision and mission.
The problem with implementing HRIMS lies behind the possibility wherein some of the company’s existing employee may find it difficult to learn how to use new technologies. Although the use of HRIMS could enhance employees ability to improve the quality of their products and services rendered to the customers (Jackson, Schuler, & Werner, 2012: 54), the success of implementing HRIMS is highly dependent on the willingness of its employees to embrace change. Because of their fear of changing their usual working practices, some of them may refuse to adapt to the required organizational change.
Because of the risk wherein, Brandon and Cherrie would face business consequences associated with resistance-to-change, Cherrie should be able to establish a strong organizational culture that strongly supports organizational learning, work flexibility and adaptation to organizational change. With this in mind, the process of making organizational learning such as peer coaching and work flexibility a part of the company’s culture can make its employees more open to organizational changes (Richardson 2009: 138; Zepeda 2007: 227; Zepada & Mayers 2004: 33). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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