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Employee involvement has changed drastically over the years. This research study intends to understand the current practices of employee involvement in the educational institution/s and how this fits into the wider scope of employee relations in HRM…
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Employee Relations Research Proposal
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Human Resource Management - Employee Relations Research Proposal for Employee Involvement Contemporary practices in Employee involvement - An appraisal in terms of depth, level, scope and form of involvement
Context: Employee involvement has changed drastically over the years. This research study intends to understand the current practices of employee involvement in the educational institution/s and how this fits into the wider scope of employee relations in HRM
Research question:
What is the depth, level, scope, and form of employee involvement in educational institutions currently
The following outcomes will be achieved at the end of the project:
1. A thorough understanding of the employee involvement techniques as a powerful tool in the suite of employee relations
2. Insights on the suitability of such techniques in education, based on the framework identified.
This project intends to use the deductive approach due to the wealth of information available on employee involvement frameworks. The project will have three distinct phases:
Preparatory phase: This will include two steps.
1. Complete literature review will be conducted to understand all the employee involvement frameworks available and choose an appropriate one
2. Qualitative questionnaire design based on the framework chosen to assess the current practices in the institution
Fielding phase: Questionnaire will be rolled out to the administrative and teaching staff of the institution and responses collected
Analysis phase: Responses received will be mapped against the framework. Analysis will help understand the nature of employee involvement in terms of depth, level, scope and form in educational institutions.

Ethical considerations:

This will be a combination of primary and secondary research. Following market research guidelines will be followed to ensure ethical standards:

Informed consent: The respondents will be informed about the purpose of the study and their verbal consent collected before administering the survey

Personal information: Data identifying an individual, such as name or telephone number will not be collected

Confidentiality: The survey results will be reported in aggregate, so that individual identification remains confidential

Original work: Secondary research will be used as reference only. The conclusions drawn will be original and based on the research conducted for that purpose

Ethical conflict: If there a situation leading to ethical conflict, such responses will be discounted from the analysis. E.g.: Derogatory comment received from a respondent, against the institution


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