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The affect of in circle group on turnover intention in Saudi Arabia Business - Research Proposal Example

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Therefore, to safeguard the interests of the Saudi nationals, the government policy has introduced quota system that requires private organizations to…
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The affect of in circle group on turnover intention in Saudi Arabia Business
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Download file to see previous pages However, argues some authors, motivation is essential in fostering impression management and relationships in an organization. While others believe the environmental compulsions has a become powerful antecedents that necessitate proactive participation of the workforce in the change process. Various scholars emphasize the importance of Guanxi that significantly influences the didactic relationship between the leader and a worker in an organization. Others believe employee commitment, extra effort, leadership effectiveness and satisfaction with the leader have a positive relationship with LMX. LMG (guanxi) has mixed effects on the turnover.
In connection to this, the broad objective of this research is to examine the critical success factor of employees’ outcome turnover among the private enterprises of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the sample size of 300 respondents randomly selected from three institutions representing the private sector will be issued with questionnaires and subjected to interviews. Qualitative data analysis will be used to analyses the collected data and represented through graphs, pie charts, and tables. The study will be highly significant for private sector in Saudi Arabia, in addressing the high employee turnover.
Saudi Arabia is an important part of the Arab World and the Middle East as a regional power especially economic Zhou (2008). This can be demonstrated by the development of infrastructure, like a road network, and the effectiveness they exude in the region and the most conspicuous fast growing multinational organizations. Saudi Arabia’s characteristics in the determination of social developments and modernization methods have been influenced by the national conditions of history and reality. In the wake of this economic development, of most importance is the synergy developed between the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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