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International Human Resoerce Managmanet - Assignment Example

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The author looks at the things and facts that are common in all the four places, that is USA, UK, France, and Sweden, apart from USA other countries are facing more or less same difficulties that is people have different thinking styles and also they have different styles of HRM management. …
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International Human Resoerce Managmanet
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Download file to see previous pages As co-operation processes play a central role in teams we focus on processes centered on co-operation in and between groups with teams understood as social systems which define themselves in relation to their organizational and social surroundings"(Brewster, Harris, 279: 1999).
So the culture needs to be considered here, culture means the norms, the traditions, and the values, in the case of MPS we have to bring the same culture and ways of working that are being followed in the USA to all the subsidiaries, this is the only way to survive and to have the same success that the USA based MPS achieved, another important thing that should be kept in mind prior to culture is the mentality of employees in subsidiaries, which should be similar to the employees of parent company.
No matter where you are from, no matter what are your preferences but you should be very much competitive in working and should be a hard worker, so from this point of view the company has to make slight adjustments in their recruitment and selection policies, more importantly, the company is a very popular one and not an ordinary company which is having poor market everywhere, so they need to bring in the best talent of Europe in their company, this is all possible by proper interviewing and keeping a selection criteria, where communication barriers are occurring the company needs to form a new policy, they can bring in the natives at the executive positions so that it would be very easy to give them incentives and through them communicating the union to work effectively.
Also there is another policy that should be formed and that is instead of bringing in all the employees for the training program, the parent company should call the executives of the native countries to the USA and then give them training and also instructions so that they can give similar instructions to their employees in the native country, this would for sure help the employees to understand the rules and regulations in a better way because they would be taught and instructed by their own people.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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