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Human Resource Learning and Development - Term Paper Example

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A paper "Organizational training" claims that the human resources hired by production agencies for the movies are basically the ones who work in the projection department and who have to deal with the slicing and the making of the films that are ultimately run in the cinema halls. …
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Human Resource Learning and Development
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Learning and Development"

Download file to see previous pages Having an interest in this industry, I along with my group have chosen our topic (how to splice 35mm film) to explain that how the cinema's employees are trained to do that job with their other responsibilities. From the outset a layman would believe that this is a very easy job however when a person actually involves oneself into it, the job doesn't look easy anymore since any mistake will affect on the movies show. Therefore I believe this project requires more observation. In this workshop, our group tried to see how the employees who are working in this field get their training. In this paper, I will mention these employees by their names who work as projectionists. Before discussing the actual details of the training program that the projectionists will go through, the theories of training need to be discussed so that a proper comprehension of the case can be presented.
First of all, let me discuss the content theories of training. The content theories stress the vitality of such training which makes the trainee learn things based on the experience of the previous learners and the context in which they have worked. Obviously, the context in which various trainees are trained is entirely different. Therefore, the context of the previous learners will not be taken into consideration. Only their knowledge and the experience that they share by the type of training they went through will be important and it will be applied to the new context of the new trainees. (Blake, 2003) The learner will be facilitated in a way which will help him relate the new knowledge being given by the knowledge that is already in his mind and then to have the process of unchanging by processing the old knowledge to become new knowledge and to be stored as such in the memory. There will even be material that the trainee can use even after the training is over and therefore, this will reinforce the learning habits which were taught in the training session and will stay with the trainee for a long time. (Keeps, 2002) The cognitive system that is studied under the content theories of training emphasizes three factors which should be taken into consideration when a trainee is being trained. That kind of training which the projectionists' individual should be equipped with long term memory about a certain subject that is, he should be able to have a perfect understanding in the long term for a particular subject, in our case, it is slicing films and dealing with films in the projection room.  The processing skills of each individual, which is the extent to which they can use learning strategies to cope up with what they are being taught and to use the problem-solving skills to apply them to specific problems that they face at work. In this case, they must know how to deal with the different kinds of films that they encounter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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