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Evaluation Rally championship - Coursework Example

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Name: Institution: Professor: Date: Evaluation Rally championship Time Lecturer Activity Venue Objectives Learning activities 2 hours Lecturer 1 Introduction of rally championship Seminar room To enable the first time participants have a foundation of what is to happen Videos and hand-outs will be utilized in this area 2 hours Lecturer 2 Essentials of rally championship Seminar room Provide the participants with the relevant exhaustive information regarding the rally championships Planning on rally championship 1.30 minutes Lecturer 3 Approach on championship Seminar room It provides real-time situations and gives the participants with the knowledge to deal with situations that might arise in…
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Evaluation Rally championship
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Download file to see previous pages Evaluation is important in a rally car championship just as in any other field. To perform an evaluation, it is important to choose an evaluation tool and instrument in order to properly assess the ability of all the participants who took place in the training program (ASTD 24). Evaluation of each participant should be measured against the requirements and objectives of the course. The selection of the evaluation instruments is dependent on the stage or the level of training. Kirkpatrick’s four level training models help in analyzing the effectiveness of a program, and they include reaction, learning, behaviour and results. Level 1: Reaction This level measures the reaction of the trainees towards the car rally championship training. ...
The type of question used will depend on the main purpose of evaluation. Select the type of questions which can be closed ended or open ended Design the questionnaires Pre-test the questionnaires to determine if they are ideal to be tested on the participants Finalize the questionnaire Level 3: Behaviour This level enables the evaluator to evaluate the progress of the trainees in terms of their changed behaviour based on what they have learnt. This level looks at how the trainees are able to apply the information learnt. There are four necessary conditions required for a change to take place: The person must work in the right climate The person must have the desire to change The person must be given a reward for the change The person must know what to do and how to do it Impact survey is the appropriate tool for evaluating behaviour change on the learners. An impact survey should be carried out as a follow-up evaluation several months before the training program is completed (ASTD 24). This tool measures the final results that occurred in behaviour as a result of the participant’s participation in the training program. The main reason for the use of impact survey is to assess the participant’s behavioural change. Evaluation on this level will measure whether the skills and knowledge learnt by the participants is applied to work. The evaluation tools will be chosen depending on the goals of the training program. The evaluation tools will also be result based which calls for the evaluators to carry out a step by step analysis in order to meet the set objectives. The chosen tools are very important in helping the evaluators or instructors ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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